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singanything kindle

Introducing an innovation in voice training: Sing Anything - Mastering Vocal Styles!  Available as a Kindle ebook (click left) or in paperback (click below). This exciting book will open your mind and voice to vocal mastery! 
Begin by learning the foundations of vocal control: anatomy, breath control, and resonator shaping.  Then receive step-by-step instruction on how to create healthy, powerful, and authentic sounds in Pop, Rock, R&B, Country, Classical, Musical Theater, and Jazz.  Sing Anything also guides you through the history, phrasing, emotions, and correct tone for each unique style.  
On this website, you’ll find downloadable audio “Stylisms” as well as specially created Vocal Exercises.  Check out the 'Recommended Listening' list and expand your knowledge at our 'Q&A' section.  Go to the 'Downloadable Sheet Music' link to download sheet music to songs suggested in the book. Happy Singing and Happy Reading!
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"Wow, this book is great! I have never seen or read a book that has gone into so much detail on how all of the body parts function to make your voice work properly. This is a wonderful book of reference and I will be using it personally, and I recommend that all vocalist check it out." -- Tony Lindsay, Lead Singer with Santana and Spangalang.
"After reviewing Lisa and Gina's book a second (and third) time, I realized that this was NOT like other methods. This one works! The techniques do not take 4 to 7 years to master; once you understand the basics, you'll hear a huge difference in your voice. Highly recommend this book to voice teachers and students." -- Jeannie Myers, voice teacher, Eastland, TX
"This book is a dream come true for both the aspiring and experienced singer.  Thoroughly researched, the concise descriptions, clear illustrations, and highly effective exercises facilitate complete mastery of fundamental vocal styles."  -- Wesla Whitfield, legendary cabaret performer of the American songbook