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"What the authors have accomplished is an amazing, thoughtful, carefully constructed, and thoroughly well-written book. You will be AMAZED at the differences in your knowledge of your own voice! Thank you for putting into words what we all need to know!"  -- Shawn Ryan, director of the Young Actors Theatre Camp


"Sing Anything is a great book with tons of information about voice that is difficult to find in one place.  More than anything, as a pro singer who’s worked a lot in cover bands and settled into a comfort zone, I found it incredibly fun to revisit all of the vocal tricks in the different styles and even try out a few that I had totally shelved over the years or never really perfected for real-world use." -- Andrea Bensmiller (Read more: http://www.l2pnet.com/blogs/video-review-sing-anything-mastering-vocal-styles-10122012#ixzz29Qk4kJoY)


"I am very much impressed with your book!  It's laid out it clear and perfect order and explains in a different way, so many of the concepts I've been teaching for years." -- Patricia Plake - Kansas City, MO


"A much needed book for our times." -- Janice Giampa  - soprano - Pennsylvania
"I loved your book! It has become my new little handbook." -- Bob Buttinelli - Yonkers, NY
"Thank you for writing this book!!! I’m so grateful for this needed resource!" -- Catherine  Coleman Boone - Kansas City, MO